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Advertising & Marketing Services

More than ever the boundary between marketing and advertising seems to have blurred. Sure it’s advertising when you buy some AdWords from our big buddy Google, but how different is that from having your business show-up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) due to your utilizing some good “organic” search approaches? And is it just advertising if you put out a display ad on web pages and mobile phones that when clicked on sends the interested browsing person to a custom landing page designed to entice them into starting an interaction with you, perhaps leading to life-long fandom?

Who knows? You pay for it with a combination of time, effort and cash in any case.

Some of what we specialize in here at VBFS:

Targeted Local TV

Did you know that most cable TV systems now offer geo-targeting down to the local level? It used to be (and still is for broadcast and satellite) that advertising on TV meant reaching a large and dispersed audience.  Expensive too. That may be great for a national brand with a huge advertising budget, but what about the rest of us? Sure, the USA is divided into DMAs (Demographic Marketing Areas) roughly corresponding to “greater” metropolitan areas and you have always been able to buy those. That’s not the local I am talking about.

Let’s hear it for Ma & Pa Kettle’s Gourmet Popcorn with their TV spot on the Food Network showing in, say, Bellevue and Issaquah only!  Made them up but if their store was in Bellevue, this would be ideal, no?

How much you ask? Last I checked you could get those Food Network spots in the Bellevue-Issaquah zone of the Seattle DMA for $8 apiece when scattered throughout the day (5AM to Midnight). Other networks can be bought for even less. Some for more.

Sure, you do need a spot and producing one for yourself is generally not a good idea. We’ve seen the results and they are not pretty. But if you have a budget of around $1500 I have producer friendswho will create one for you. In HD. With a location shoot. Motion graphics. The works.

Display Ads on the Web & Mobile Phones

How would you like to have a phone & web display advertising campaign that:

1) Didn’t cost you anything to create and set-up,

2) Allowed you to geo-target anywhere from the local level to the world,

3) Allowed you to set a spending limit as low as $5 per day,

4) Required no contracts?

Curious? Just send us your name, website URL and your email and we will create a demo ad for you. No charge. If you like it (and if not we can further tweak it for you) we will show you how to easily run a campaign (CPM or CPC) under your complete control. Turn it on and off at will! Run multiple campaigns if you like, anywhere you like.

Your ads will be running on a network that includes hundreds of premium sites like Yahoo! or MSN or Digg or Citysearch…Better yet, we leverage exclusive technology to insert your ads onto sites where they are most likely to be seen by people interested in your offer. And automatically adjusting placement based on your real-time results.

Why not let us show you now?

Download a PDF one-pager to review later:

This one is for any business.

This one is for real estate agents.

For more detail, download this PDF of a PowerPoint deck: Benefits of iPromote


Or How Do I Get My Kind of People to Find Me and What Do I DO When They Do?

This is a crazy broad topic and not without some controversy. As a business owner (you are, right?) you probably have some stories to tell about sales approaches where you get babbled at by someone guaranteeing you top of the first page SERRP results if only you start shoveling large piles of cash into their black box NOW! Right.

Perhaps you heard of the little difficulty J. C. Penney got into with Google around year-end 2010? This article has an ironic take on that and links to take you further into that story:

Yes friends, those too good to be true SEO promises can get you blacklisted. So how to get results that keep you out of trouble? Helps to know who the real SEOs are. (Funny that consultants who specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) call themselves SEOs isn’t it?) 

I don’t make any claims towards being an SEO myself, although I am learning. And I believe I’ve learned enough to discern who is providing the real deal and not lurking about wearing that black hat we hear about. From what I have researched, there are basically three general areas of focus in the SEO world:

  1. On-site SEO. Basically a semantic approach to structuring your content in an optimal way for search engines to find it, read it, understand it, and share it.
  2. Off-site SEO. Primarily link-building and otherwise bolstering the authority of your site. A bit like the old saying “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”
  3. The third branch is to optimize your site for speed (search engines and people like fast-loading pages). This involves things like tweaking your server to making sure your HTML code is correctly written. A bit more arcane.


Ultimately it all comes down to this: All the traffic in the world won’t help you a bit if none of those people choose to have anything to do with your website, your business, you. It’s not enough to just put yourself out there with a shout of “I’m here!” Sure, build it and they will (probably) come, but one look at your website’s analytics will show whether they came, puked and left…

I’ve been cultivating folks who have been putting a lot of thought and even more work into understanding how to attract traffic and convert it into a result you will agree is useful.

Go ahead and call 206.414.9213. Or email.

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