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VBFS is a Collaborative Marketing Agency

Thanks for dropping-in for a visit! I’m Viktor Lawryniuk, the founder and principal here, which means I will be your point of contact and accountable for our interaction. Visit our Contact Us page to find links to my public profiles for some background.

I learned long ago that although I can know something about most anything but I can’t ever know anything in expert depth and still be able to keep up on the wide world of innovation out there. Since I am an intensely curious guy who loves what I like to call “the noetic life,” the only way I can provide expert service is by collaborating with people who prefer to go deep to my wide. Turns out going wide works really well in support of the role of liaison between highly-skilled intelligent free agents.

Thankfully, I’ve been finding some really great free agents and convincing them to work with me for your benefit. My talent pool includes someone who helped build-out in the early days as well as an optimization specialist who teaches the subject at a local college. Another is a Guerrilla Marketing Coach as well as an Inbound Marketing expert. I have video production aces ready to make it roll for you. Designers. Developers. SEOs. Writers. There’s a depth of talent out there if you know where to look.

That’s the trick, isn’t it? If you are a small business owner you are paddling as fast as you can in the canoe you know and can’t really be expected to know how to judge the claims that come flying at you so thick these days. (How many times have you been promised “the first page of Google” by someone who didn’t seem to know a keyword from a backlink?)

Who can you trust?

Here’s My Offer Just for You

Invite me over to talk about what has been working and what has been a pain in your marketing world. I will listen and ask questions. I will do my best not to hit you over the head with a product just because I have it. I will give you my time and experience and if what I say makes sense to you then we can take a next step whether that’s us working together to solve your issues or a referral.

Some of What VBFS Can Do for You