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Blogging about websites that work for you, social media and inbound marketing, innovative advertising tools and business development.

Some Raven History

Viktor Lawryniuk - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Raven project has a legacy website still available. Hasn't been updated in a while but gives you a glimpse into what effort it took to get it off the ground...

The Raven & Its Trailer

Viktor Lawryniuk - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We've got photos too!

That's The Raven in all her glory!

A really bad bitmap shot of The Raven taking-off...

One of The Raven's wings being stowed for transport.

A close-up of those gull-wing side panels!

A side view of the trailer all buttoned-up.

The trailer being decorated. All of the sponsors and people who participated in the volunteer effort are listed on the side.

Pretty keen, eh?

How to Sell The Raven

Viktor Lawryniuk - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just agreed to help the owner of this human-powered aircraft recoup some of the money invested into this project and am pondering how best kick this off. Any suggestions?

The Raven team not only had an aircraft to design and build, they also had to design and build a trailer to transport it! Here's a Flash video you can download which shows how the custom-built trailer's "gull-wing" side panels work. The wings are stored in those compartments.

The Raven

Pinwheel became Findery

Viktor Lawryniuk - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A year has leapt by since my last blog post and a lot can change in a year! I just read my last post and realized that Pinwheel changed its name to Findery. I wish them well!

Internet Time is Getting Faster

Viktor Lawryniuk - Monday, June 11, 2012
From my imagination to start-up took less than a year. I didn’t have anything to do with the start-up mind you, but I did imagine something like it. I was having coffee at the Alki Starbucks with Seattle-based entrepreneur Clay Loges and we were talking about how to optimize his Yodiotours website and brainstorming in general (my favorite sport). Clay’s technology is all-audio. You can take a Yodio Tour by downloading the narrated guide and then walking it in step with the narration. Tours can be crowdsourced and posted to the website and when purchased there is a revenue share. Pretty cool concept I thought, but as always I wanted to take it a step further. Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, if I could post notes wherever I was and anybody who walked by that spot could read/hear/see what I said if they had the proper tool? And I could access their posts too?

Clay pointed out some of the technological difficulties implementing such an idea and he had plenty of challenges just getting his phone apps to work right, so we spoke no further about this. But a while back I heard about a company in the Bay Area named Pinwheel, which is testing the first step on the path to implementing “my” idea. I finally activated my public beta today and now can post written notes and photos that are tied to a geographic location. Only through a web browser so far but I understand their iPhone app is in alpha, so maybe soon we will be able to post and share our own observations/tips/memories/history/whatever. Imagine standing somewhere on the planet and having that locale custom-curated for you with anything from history of the architecture (maybe with images of what used to be there too) to tips on where to go next or what to avoid. I have no idea how Pinwheel plans to implement their service but I know I can’t wait for my augmented reality specs to show-up with a Pinwheel channel I can access with just an eyeblink.

The moral of this story is that if you dream-up an idea and you want to be part of its creation you better start creating right away because that morphogenetic field is out there waiting to instantiate with you or without you.

Simple is complicated to do

Viktor Lawryniuk - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just got a website launched for a friend of mine and every time I go through this process I get surprised by all the details that insist on making themselves into temporary roadblocks. I guess it feels pretty good once you power through them but sometimes I wish it would just be easy. Ha!

I started the ArtSavor website twice and finished it once. (At least it didn't take three iterations!) I look back at some of the details that made my head spin when I first was figuring them out and now wonder what the big deal was at the time. Isn't learning like that? A little more mopping-up and it will be as close to excellent as I can get. (A long time ago I learned that there is no such thing as perfection, but that excellence is pretty damn good!)

In any case, Chris Rathe's idea to transform the kid art many of us have stored in boxes into Wall Galleries you can proudly mount on your living room wall is pretty original and certainly worth a look. Tell your friends!

Too Busy to Take Care of Me Own Blog

Viktor Lawryniuk - Monday, February 20, 2012

I’ve been working with an Inbound Marketing Professor (you know who you are) on a stealthmode website project that has been delayed to launch because both of us have had one damn thing or another derail us from giving that project the focus it deserves. I’m amazed though that through it all Michael has been pumping out blog posts on his website like clockwork week-in, week-out. And I haven’t posted since September! So knowing Michael and his prodigious output, I can’t in any conscience use the old “the cobbler’s children’s shoes go un-soled” or however that’s phrased.

I have been a bit distracted from the old Future Shop lately although I do have some interesting new projects here as well. Two new eCommerce websites are in process, We’ve built a secure due diligence document vault for a stealthmode client that is raising funds, and we are automating some business processes with the Business Catalyst CRM, web forms, email marketing and other modules for another client.

The distractions have been good too. Some of my other business ventures are showing signs of life after a long stretch of playing dead. This could be a breakout year! Other distractions I won’t go into here, but I’ve let my life get fuller.

Speaking of distractions, if you haven’t yet you need to take a look at Pinterest. (Ask me for an invite if you need one.) It’s a fabulous time-waster and I suspect there is some good business and SEO opportunities there too. Take a look and let me know what you think…

Autodidact Polymath

Viktor Lawryniuk - Thursday, September 29, 2011

I encountered this phrase in someone’s profile on Google Plus recently and had an aha! moment. I like to think of myself as someone who knows something about most everything (polymath) and I have a life-long penchant for learning so despite my many years at the university I do consider myself mostly an autodidact. I just never had used the two words together like that. I like it!

I had a little epiphany this evening while starting on yet another book in that endless series of books I promise myself I will get to someday. (The list just keeps getting longer.) Much of my non-fiction reading this year has been in books on web design (HTML, CSS, testing, design principles) and marketing. Recently I decided to take a deeper dive into marketing where it overlaps another of my interests, neuroscience. I have a stack of books I dragged home from the library and am up against the due date clock to get through them. Yesterday, I started on one of the Daniel H. Pink books, A Whole New Mind. I’ve got his Drive waiting in queue. This evening, and the proximal cause of this post, I got to work on Martin Lindstrom’s buy ∙ ology.

Why am I putting this into a blog on my marketing website? Because I want to attract the kind of client that would appreciate working with someone who isn’t just parroting the current catechism on social media or whatever. I prefer to do some heavier lifting and dig into the whys and wherefores. Is that you?

P.S. Sometimes I feel the need to apologize for this website. I have not been spending much time working on it as I am waiting for the release of Version 3 of the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. (Real Soon Now.)This website reflects the current version and is provided by Adobe as part of my licensing package. I have limits to how much I can modify it yet I don’t have the motivation right now to create a wholly new site given what else I am working on right now. Apology accepted?

We Do Rush Jobs!

Viktor Lawryniuk - Thursday, August 04, 2011

I got a call this week from someone who had gone to another web design firm to get a simple two page website done for his automobile repair business. He just needed something for his Google and Microsoft ad campaigns to click through to. His previous site had an unwieldy address that would never show up anywhere near the top of the SERPs in his city. It actually was one of those sites provided by service providers in various vertical markets. They look good at first but then you realize that you and who knows how many others have the same site parked at the provider’s domain building authority for their domain and nada for you.

No longer! He gave me the go ahead on Wednesday morning and by the end of the afternoon I had it ready for him. We took it live today (Thursday) and now his AdWords et al are going to his URL and the traffic is working for him not the service provider. Soon he will be showing up in the local listings and reaping the benefits of organic search as well.

Take a look: Simple, I know, but that’s what was required. So if you need something simple done quick, let me know. (We can do bigger jobs as well…)

Viktor Lawryniuk - Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saw mentioned in my G+ feed so I checked it out and snagged my favorite profile name. (Vikbob, of course!) Looks like a possible SEO boost for your websites plus a way to create a pointer to various social media profiles, websites, blogs and other content you may have scattered around. They are even offering you a free set of cards (you pay for shipping) to help promote your profile.

So far, they are offering connections to the following:

Note that you can add as many URLs as you like. also has a directory of profiles and features some of them in a gallery view. With the customizable backgrounds you can really turn your profile into a glamour page if you like. Worth the look.